Thursday, July 28, 2016


Because of Lake Otsego, Cooperstown, NY is a nice place to go & look at art. My friend, Judy Thuss's works are included in the current exhibit at Cooperstown Art Association.

Her vibrant work is meant to be appreciated in a gallery.

The Smithy is another hidden gem in Cooperstown for compelling local artists.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Design for License

Much has been written about the process of creativity. For me, it's time on my bike that's the most creative. Ideas kind of flow together. Putting different elements together is a big part of creating an illustration. This design is a perfect example: my rep always sends over a wish list on what's trending. 

Cloud was on the list recently. I have tons of cloudscape in my archive. They are all fine art paintings, not exactly commercial art.

There's also this dreamscape, it's too muted to be license for anything. It has been in the closet for years. For whatever reason, combining these 2 paintings just came to me while I was biking.

With the magic of photoshop, I created a new design for license, by combining 3 paintings.