Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This design has been a good seller at GCU. Thru the magic of the internet, customer as far as Europe & the Orient ordered this card. There's infinite ways of how a new painting come about. For the new year, I thought I would take asketchaday into a new direction. I would devote more time to explain my creative process. A new idea does not always start from my sketchbook, but lots of ideas DO take shape by flipping thru my sketches. My memory is not what it use to be. As long as I sketch it out, the image stays. This painting came about pretty fast. I was invited to a christmas party in Cooperstown a few winters ago. There were tons of early snow that month. Which was why I was painting alot of snowy nocturnes thru my window. I also spend time studying nocturnes of artist like Whistler & Birge Harrison... whether they are famous painters or not, works of others can inspire me. As I approach Shirley's house on top of the hill, the small strip of yellow after glow was dazzling against the dark silhouette of the pines. The xmas lights on the rooftop balance out the composition. By adding the house on top with xmas lights, it makes it more marketable as a license christmas design. 

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