Monday, July 13, 2015


one subject, many inspiration
The poppy in my garden tend to self seed. Dazzling & carefree, it's always a surprise to see what & where the poppies will show up. These enchanting blossoms only last a few short days. But it last long enough for me to make some hand painted card to add to my collection on ETSY. Spend a few dollars to make someone's day!

just a gold marker
from my garden

5x7 original artcard

2 comments: said...

Hi Judith, nice to meet you on twitter and I followed you to card Universe. How fun. I love poppies too and those white ones up top are awesome. Do you know what kind they are? Are they wild ones? Do you have seeds? I love the watercolor of the red one too. I'm a big fan of little pieces in big paper or matts or frames.....
peace n abundance,
www. well all kinds of places

artistretreat said...

I should look up the name for this shade of poppy…