Thursday, August 25, 2016


Came to Photoshop very late in my career. It took forever to learn. Since then, I dont remember the last time I actually complete an illustration. By not fuzzing over one single painting which could take up to a month to finish, I can dream up many variations working with a few images.

It always starts with a sketch. This seaside cottage sketch came from Noank, CT.

The sky & water is from my archive. I've been painting forever, so there are tons of painting I can use.

I started this with watercolor, but the ethereal watercolor just can not express the colorful garden. An impressionist painting can come together pretty fast.

I then pulled some sailboats from another painting, just need to seperate it from the original.

Layer on a flag...

Viola! A new design for my Summer Collection. For someone who cant seem to stay focus on finishing a painting, the magic of photoshop is a real blessing.

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